The Damon System is a brand of braces that utilize self-ligating technology.

This system is advanced.  It can significantly reduce treatment times while using less force and friction than conventional braces.

At NRH Orthodontics, we are proud to offer the latest, most effective treatment options. One of the technologically-advanced offerings is the Damon System.

Like conventional braces, Damon appliances are fixed and archwire is threaded through brackets. Damon’s brackets, however, are sleek with a low profile so that they are not too obstructive or conspicuous. The Damon System effectively addresses patients’ needs for properly aligned and spaced teeth along with correcting issues with the bite (occlusion).

How Damon Works

Similar to other types of braces, Damon uses fixed appliances like brackets and wires to move teeth. Damon’s brackets and wires, however, they are made from different materials and have unique features. Brackets can hold wires freely but maintain the right amount of tension without the need for elastic bands. The arch wires are memory wires made from ultra-light advantaged technology. Damon’s objective is to move teeth with as little force necessary. Our teeth can move with light yet consistent force. For instance, children’s teeth move when they suck their thumbs longer than they should. Since Damon braces are self-ligating, follow-up appointments for adjustments can be greatly reduced.

The Damon Approach to Braces

The Damon System takes a unique approach to moving teeth even though similar appliances are used. The brackets have sliding mechanisms built in and memory wire to keep gentle pressure applied to teeth that will also accommodate new tooth movement. These sliding mechanisms reduce the amount of friction applied to teeth without affecting Damon’s effectiveness. Since far less friction is necessary, damage to teeth and gums from fixed appliances is minimal and treatment is more comfortable.

Unique to Damon’s system is its ability to rely on natural biologically-sensitive forces to move teeth to their ideal position with minimal need for tooth extractions. Utilizing biologically-sensitive forces is beneficial because it gives facial bones time to adjust to new tooth movement. This means that the jaw, subject to far less friction than with conventional braces, can move with teeth. Since bone will move along with teeth, the need for tooth extractions and palatal expanders is greatly reduced. This is beneficial for creating a mouth shape that complements a person’s face now, and in the future, as opposed to conventional braces causing narrow arches. Simply stated, the Damon System allows patients to have the fullest, widest smile possible.

Unique Benefits

Since the Damon System uses patented technology, this brand of braces presents unique benefits to patients. For the most part, patients who wear Damon braces enjoy more comfortable treatment with fewer office visits and faster treatment times. The Damon approach to orthodontics also anticipates future facial structure to help patients maintain a youthful aesthetic.

Improved Comfort

A fraction of the friction used by conventional braces is needed to actually move teeth. Reducing friction greatly improves comfort. Damon’s self-ligating braces apply consistent but light pressure to generate healthy tooth movement.

Fewer Office Visits

Damon braces move as teeth do. Their ability to maintain the appropriate amount of pressure over teeth does more than improve comfort, it reduces the number of follow-up appointments for adjustments that a patient might need. In most instances, appointments for adjustments can be scheduled every six to eight weeks.

Faster Treatment Times

Generating the right amount of friction for tooth movement affects treatment time, as well. Excessive friction actually thwarts tooth movement because the jaws cannot accommodate changing tooth placement. Damon braces use hundreds of times less friction than traditional braces.

Improved Facial Aesthetics

Since Damon braces greatly reduce the need for tooth extractions and palatal expanders, patients’ smiles are as full and as wide as possible. Narrow dental arches are commonly caused by conventional orthodontic treatment relying on removing teeth or expanding palates to create room for tooth movement. The Damon approach to orthodontics lends a more pleasing aesthetic that will continue to complement facial structure through one’s adult years.

Easier Oral Hygiene

Damon’s brackets are very sleek and easy to keep clean. Their design and the fact that elastics are no longer needed reduces common areas where plaque and calculus attach. Patients receiving Damon report that keeping their mouths clean is easy with proper oral hygiene.

Who Benefits from Damon

Children, teens and adults can benefit from the Damon System. The only way to be certain if this option will meet your needs is to schedule a consultation. At your consultation, we will perform an examination, take diagnostic images, and inquire about your health history. The results of your consultation will include our treatment recommendations based on the findings of your examination.

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