Why Orthodontics?

Receiving orthodontic treatment is a great step toward establishing good oral health. Today’s orthodontic treatment protocols are more advanced and effective than ever before.

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Invisalign looks and feels very different from traditional orthodontic treatment. Instead of relying on fixed oral appliances to move teeth, Invisalign patients wear removable appliances that resemble a clear retainer.

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The Damon System

The Damon System is a brand of braces that utilize self-ligating technology. This system is advanced – it can significantly reduce treatment times while using less force and friction than conventional braces.

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Orthodontics for Children and Teens

Every year, millions of children and teenagers undergo orthodontic treatment. Wearing braces increases the attractiveness of a smile, and it can reduce the risk for oral disease and prolong the lifespan of biological teeth.

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Sleep Apnea Appliances

Sleep apnea is a common condition that literally prevents a person from breathing properly when sleeping. NRH Orthodontics offers treatment for sleep apnea so that our patients can achieve the rest they deserve.

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Adult Orthodontics

It is never too late to seek orthodontic treatment. Many of our adult patients have never had orthodontic treatment while others wore braces in their youth but their teeth have since shifted out of alignment.

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