It is never too late to seek orthodontic treatment.

Our practice has helped countless adults improve the appearance of their smiles with orthodontics. Many of our adult patients have never had orthodontic treatment while others wore braces in their youth but their teeth have since shifted out of alignment.

Adult orthodontics provides more than just a straighter smile. There are numerous oral health benefits associated with properly positioned teeth. Choosing to make your oral health and self-image a priority is a wise decision, and our team is here to guide you through your treatment options.

Treating the Unique Needs of Adults

Every age group has its own unique needs. Fortunately, our team at NRH Orthodontics has experience working with patients of all ages, and Dr. Fallah is a Specialist in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. When it comes to orthodontic care for adults, an orthodontist needs to take into account that an adult patient may have a history of oral disease such as gingivitis or have developed worn dentition. These issues might require special consideration when it comes to recommending treatment methods. Another factor that makes adult treatment different from children or teens is the fact that adults’ facial bones have stopped developing. Since bones are no longer growing, orthodontic treatment can take more time or a tooth might need to be extracted so that room can be created for tooth movement.

Many adults – especially working professionals – favor discreet treatment methods. Since inconspicuous treatment is important to our patients, NRH Orthodontics offers options like Invisalign or Spark Clear Aligners. Our mission is to make orthodontic treatment a positive experience for all our patients.

Occlusal Health

Beyond straightening teeth, adults seek out orthodontics to correct issues with their occlusion. An occlusion, or “bite”, refers to the way teeth line up when the mouth is closed and during oral function. Malocclusions (misaligned bites) contribute to oral disease by causing teeth to make improper contract when eating or speaking. Teeth making contact when and where they shouldn’t cause worn dentition, which exacerbates issues with the occlusion and leads to decayed and damaged teeth. Improving the occlusion through orthodontic treatment can reduce a patient’s risk for disease as well as increase oral function. Orthodontics can help correct common occlusal issues including open bites, over bites and under bites.

Options for Adults

NRH Orthodontics offers different treatment options that suit our client’s unique needs. Our team will make recommendations based on the results of a thorough consultation.


Invisalign is a unique alternative to orthodontic treatment that does not require fixed appliances. Instead, removable appliances called aligners are used to straighten teeth. They are custom made for each patient and fit taut over the teeth. Every couple of weeks, aligners are exchanged for tighter, custom sets. Each set is incrementally tighter to accommodate tooth movement. Invisalign is discreet because it is clear, and it is comfortable because it’s aligners are made from plastic.

Schedule Your Consultation

NRH Orthodontics welcomes any adult interested in learning more about their treatment options. Our practice understands the importance of a straight smile. Orthodontic treatment is transformative. The results of straighter teeth can boost your confidence and improve your appearance. Beyond the aesthetic value of orthodontic treatment, having straight teeth is a great way to preserve your oral health by lowering your risk for common disease.

Call or text our practice to schedule a consultation today! At your appointment, we will perform an oral examination and learn more about you so that we can develop a custom treatment plan.